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Sheron Dinnoo Sheron Dinnoo

Sheron Dinnoo
Title: Elder
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Sheron Dinnoo was born in the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago and is an only child to Hamlyn and Tara Dinnoo. He was raised in a Presbyterian home and credits his Grandparents for his early church exposure. As a child and teenager he was very active in the local church and youth group.

At the end of his teenage years he admits falling away from his faith but later realized God had bigger plans for his life. He attended Wingate University and graduated with a Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and now works as an IT Manager for a local small business. He has been married to Rita since 2007 and the two have been inseparable since 2003. They have two children, Candace and Brandon (Rita’s from prior marriage) and two grandchildren, Candon and Dominic.

He says, “I thank God for sending my wife into my life. She was instrumental in rekindling my love for the Lord and bringing me to Matthews Church of God. She was raised in the CoG and until coming here I just did not know what I was missing!”